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Speeches by the Ministers General on the Franciscan Centenaries

This year the YouFra International Meeting took place from 27th July to August 2nd, 2023, at the “Externato da Luz” Center in Lisbon. This meeting usually occurs the week before World Youth Day, allowing young people to share our charism during this significant event. (Se invierte el orden siguiente:) The theme of this year‘s International Youth Meeting was both suggestive and inspiring for young Franciscans on many aspects of their life, as it revolved around the motto "Hurry up, your brother is waiting for you", in perfect harmony with the motto of WYD which is taken from Lk 1,39.

In the context of this international meeting, on July 31st, 2023, the Ministers Generals of the First Order (OFMConv, OFM, OFMCap) and Third Regular Order (se invierte el orden), along with the Minister General of the SFO and the President of the IFC-TOR, offered a reflection based on the typical themes of the Centenarians that the Franciscan Family is experiencing.The meeting with the Superiors Generals took place in an atmosphere of fraternity and sharing. Each of them presented the specifics of a centenary, offering indications on how the Franciscan family should [embrace] this time of grace. The meeting was truly enriching, as it allowed the young people to hear firsthand about the Franciscan Centenarians and learn how to make them visible in the various regions where the Franciscans fraternities is [are] present.

The meeting with the General Ministers concluded with a session where young people had the opportunity to inquire about the path that, as Franciscans, the Lord is calling us to follow  as Franciscan in this moment in history. Following this session, there was a lunch with the young people participating in the YouFra International Meeting and their assistants.




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