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Assisi: Logo Selected for 800th Anniversary of the Death of St. Francis of Assisi


The National Committee for the Celebration of the 800th Anniversary of the Death of St. Francis of Assisi, chaired by poet Davide RONDONI, met in Assisi on October 4, 2023, the feast day of St. Francis, Italy’s patron saint. During the meeting, the Committee chose the official logo for the celebration. The logo was created by Isabella MANUCCI, a graphic designer from Rimini, Italy. Her logo design prevailed over all the others that the committee had received.


The Committee is tasked with developing a cultural program that relates to the life, work and locations associated with St. Francis of Assisi. In addition, it is charged with arranging for the protection and enhancement of the artistic heritage assets involved, in view of the anniversary celebration that will take place in 2026. […]

“The Committee is already outlining the cultural activities that will commemorate Francis, saint and poet, on this important occasion. In line with the Commedia of Dante Alighieri, we particularly want to emphasize how much the Christian and poetic figure of Francis still represents a fruitful crossroads, and a meeting point, between Western and Eastern spirituality. Moreover, we want to show how much this revered and world-famous Italian contributed to the joyful understanding of our relationship with all creatures, a cherished sign of the mysterious goodness of the Mystery. In addition to a substantial plan for more books and building up the Assisi Library Fund, there will be programs aimed at young people, calls to social action, exhibitions and new works of art commissioned. Thus, we want this celebration to leave a mark in the academic world and to be actively remembered,” said Committee Chairman Davide RONDONI.

The Committee is comprised of Davide RONDONI (Chairman) and members Stefania PROIETTI; Franco CARDINI; Vincenzo ROSITO; Gianfranco FORMICHETTI; Emanuela VARANO; the Most Reverend Felice ACCROCCA, Archbishop of Benevento, Italy; Fiammetta MODENA; Father Antonino TREPPIEDI; Friar Giulio CESAREO, OFM Conv.; Gianfranco BRUNELLI; Enrico MENESTÒ; Fabrizio GAREGGIA; Matteo FORTUNATI; Grado Giovanni MERLO; Stefano BRUFANI; Marina ROSATI; Friar Francesco PILONI, OFM; Friar Marco MORONI, OFM Conv.; and Paolo VIAN.


Extract from a press release on the website of the Italian Ministry of Culture, at:




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